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Validating Python code with a CodeCatalyst pipeline

2024-01-18 11 min read AWS CI/CD CodeCatalyst Python Simon Hanmer
CodeCatalyst is a unified development environment created by AWS. It has many features such as blueprints to assist in writing code, integrated Git repositories, dev environments which can be pre-defined and now AI integration. However, for myself, one of the most useful things is being able to define and use pipelines stored in the code repository. Pipelines are one of the most commonly used tools that many of us working with code and Cloud use, allowing us to automate tasks to be carried out when we make changes to our code, whether that’s checking that our code works, building artefacts and packages, and deploying to our environments. Continue reading

Reviewing AWS SSM DHMC - too many acronyms or a useful tool?

2023-05-11 8 min read AWS Simon Hanmer
AWS Systems Manager (SSM) is an integral component for managing EC2 and other compute fleets, offering capabilities such as patch management, parameter store, and managing changes across a fleet of servers. It also offers a service called Session Manager allowing secure, audited access to EC2 instances without needing to expose the instances on the Internet. In February 2023, AWS announced a new solution called Default Host Management Configuration or DHMC, to simply the setup of the core SSM capabilities by providing a method of ensuring that SSM was available for all instances in an account. Continue reading

Deploying a Hugo Blog with Amazon CodeCatalyst

2023-03-09 12 min read AWS Hugo CI/CD CodeCatalyst Simon

CI/CD pipelines are an integral part of any developer’s toolset these days. They monitor code and when changes occur, automatically carry out a pre-defined set of actions, typically creating a build environment, and maybe running some tests before deploying the code.

Several tools can host these pipelines, and an important part of the work I do with GlobalLogic UK&I is being able to advise clients on which solutions might be best suited to their needs, and how to implement them.

Continue reading

Hosting a Hugo static website in AWS

2023-03-07 8 min read AWS Terraform Hugo Simon
This post is part of a series about hosting a static website, and I’ll be talking about the infrastructure needed to host the website in AWS, and how to deploy via infrastructure as code (IaC). In this post, we’ll use Terraform to describe the infrastructure we want to deploy Our infrastructure I use Hugo to run this blog - it generates static HTML pages based on files written with Markdown which means that I don’t need to worry about running servers. Continue reading
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